Biochemistry Project Topics

21. The Anti-inflammatory Activity Of Crateva Adansonii Dichloromethane Fraction.

22. Phytochemical Analysis And The Anti-inflammatory Activities Of Dichloromethane Fraction Of Methhanol Extract Of Crateva Adansonii

23. Elemental Analysis On Pterocarpus Mildbreadii (oha)seed

24. Effects Of Processing Methods On The Physico-chemical Properties Of Sweet Potato And Sorghum By

25. Determination Of Active Sweet Components Of Common Artificial Sweeteners That Are Used As Replacement For Sugar

26. Cardio Protective Activities Of N-hexane Extract Of Desmodium Velutinum Stem On Albino Wister Rat

27. Antilipidemic Effect Of Water (h20) Extract Of Desmodium Velutinum Leaves On Albino Wistar Rats

28. The Use Of Bitterleaf (vernonia Amygdalina) Extract As A Means Of Extending The Shelf-life Of Locally Brewed Sorghum Beer

29. Serum Calcium Level In Geriatric Men, Comperative Studies

30. Extraction And Characterization Of White Mucuna Pruriens Var. Utilis Seed Oil

31. Trace Elements Content Of Neem Leaves (azadirachta Indica).

32. The Effects Of Senna Tora Leaves Extract On The Blood Glucose Levels Of The Diabetic Albino Rats

33. The Use Of Galactaric Acid To Inhibit Fermentation (yeast).

34. Effective Use Of A Tropical Hop Named Bitter Leaf [vernonia Amygdalina] Extract As A Means Of Extending The Shelf – Life Of Locally Brewed Millet Beer.

35. Hepatoproductive Effects Of Sena Tora Leave Extract On Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Toxicity.

36. Evaluation Of Antioxidant Potential Of Monodora Myristica (african Nutmeg)

37. Evaluation Of Nutritive Profile Of A Vegetable, Piper Methysticum, Locally Known As Awa Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

38. The Use Of “utazi” Leaf Extract (gongronema Latifolium) As A Means Of Extending The Shelf Life Of A Locally Brewed Sorghum Beer.

39. Chemical/mineral Compositions Of Water Extracts Of Hibiscus Sabdariffa